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Cascadia Consulting have has been providing development process management services in the Sea to Sky corridor for over 10 years. We facilitate the development of trusting relationships between our client’s interests who are seeking approvals and with government agencies, first nations and the community at large.  Our boutique firm specializes in the investment and services required to establish, enhance and fine-tune your commercial bottled water, construction development, extraction technology, CBD and ingredient businesses. Regardless of which stage you are in the process, we can help you establish, enhance and fine-tune your business.


Applications & Licenses

Business Plan


SOP Development & Implementation

Facility Design

Production Equipment

Product Line Planning

Assistance with project master planning Government water licensing process and applications.

Strategic advice relating to all project development approvals.


Certification process

Labeling and Packaging

Project and Company investments

Media relations;

Sales Negotiations

Branding & Product Development

HACCP Certification

Coordination services with other project consultants.

Ensuring that communication channels remain open with all of the project participants.


Issues management

Equipment Sourcing & Validation

Regulatory Strategy and Oversight

SOP Review and Gap Analysis

Inspection & Monitoring Reports

Mergers & Acquisitions Regulatory Due Diligence.

Liaising and negotiating with government officials, lawmakers and First Nations.

Representing the project to stakeholder groups and the community at large.

Public hearings & information meetings.

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