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Locked in an icy vault for over 10,000 years, this ultra-premium glacier water comes from the remote and environmentally protected  Coastal Glacier Range in beautiful British Columbia Canada. This breathtaking location is located 200 miles north of Vancouver in the Toba Inlet and boasts a 6,000 foot (per one kilometer) vertical drop which makes it completely isolated and uninhabitable by humans or animals.  The source is so remote it is only accessible from the ocean. The source is naturally, eco-friendly without affecting the agricultural water table and is self-sustainable.

Pure glacier water sources are rare and superior to common groundwater sources as it is not filtered through the ground where a variety of dissolved solids and organic particles such as rock, dirt, salt, sand, metals, chemicals and underground pollutants can attach to each water molecule.  Untouched, uncontaminated and especially pure, this premium glacier water has a total dissolved solids (TDS) of 4 parts per million—naturally!!


The source water is derived primarily from the under melt of the glacier, which protects it from external contaminants and is purposefully taken before the water enters the groundwater system.  The purity of the water is a result of the crystallization of water vapor to snow and ultimately conversion to ice—a purification process perfected by Mother Nature herself!

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