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Chroma Global Technologies is an ingredient and pharmaceutical grade extraction technology innovator and provider.


The team is led by CTO Dr. Frank Zhu, who is credited for creating industrial scale extraction systems for products like Ginkgo Biloba, CoQ10 and Stevia. Frank, alongside an experienced management team, is leading the innovation efforts behind Chroma’s proprietary closed-loop preparatory chromatography extraction and separation technology for direct application within the global cannabis and hemp market. To this end, the founders of Chroma have applied for several patents including; pesticide removal and THC & CBD extraction. Other patent applications to follow include, water soluble CBD, CBG extraction, CBN extraction, and broad spectrum oil.


Chroma’s technology cost effectively separates Cannabinoids to a +95% purity level at commercial and industrial scales, which other methods include CO2, Microwave, Butane, Propane and Mechanical extraction have difficulty to achieve.


Chroma’s superior single step method takes raw material, regardless of quality, and extracts quality-tested cannabinoid isolates such as CBD, THCA and pesticide-free full spectrum CBD or THC oil.

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